Day 7, Olive Green Noodles and Olive Green Beans

We are all pleasantly surprised to find that powdered milk isn’t so bad if it’s well chilled.

The two eggs are still very much unused; As much as I like scrambled eggs for breakfast, I like homemade cookies even more. We have all agreed to save them for Anna’s next baking fix.

As for dinner, the honeymoon phase of the experiment is definitely over. Tonight I thought I’d make use of this Philadelphia Cooking Cream (“robustly flavored for cooking”) that a friend gave me to try:

The label  promises a wonderful, saucy pasta dish that tastes like something from The Olive Garden, using  only this  glorified cream cheese, meat and veggies.

I added two containers of this stuff to a package of spinach fettuccine and the last of our frozen Christmas ham. What I got was a pot of pasta and wallpaper paste. I quickly taught Anna (my sous chef) to make a basic white sauce (with Parmesan cheese and garlic) to add to it.

It didn’t help, for when Dave entered the front door and walked over to the stove to inspect dinner, I heard him say under his breath, “Oh boy.” It wasn’t a Beggin’ Strips “Oh Boy,” but an Oh brother “Oh Boy.” And he didn’t even know about the canned green beans yet.


Now before you make a mental note to “never eat at the Bogdans’,” I should let you know that under normal circumstances this meal would have been something to write home about:

Fresh garden green beans, left whole and sautéed to squeakiness, with butter and fresh garlic

Marinated, grilled chicken breasts in homemade Alfredo sauce (made with cream, not cream cheese) over spinach fettucine

Phew! It’s good to remind myself that I can cook a decent meal. So can Dave, who will be tomorrow’s cook. The decision was unanimous.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sharon Miller
    Apr 12, 2011 @ 01:38:24

    Thanks for the review on the Philadelphia Cooking Cream! Can’t wait to read about Dave’s cooking tomorrow 🙂


  2. Jason S. Kong
    Apr 12, 2011 @ 16:19:07

    I was fortunate to have a can of condensed milk, myself. Now if only I had some bread for that to go with…


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