Day 5-6, Chicken and Bon-bons

We have two freshly-laid chicken eggs in our refrigerator. Dave and I are the only ones in the family who eat eggs for breakfast–two each. This morning neither of  us wanted to take the last of the eggs, so there they sit. We won’t be getting any more, for our beloved hen, Martha, was eaten by a skunk two nights ago.


I spent most of yesterday near Rochester, NY, and returned late last night to find that someone had amused himself by hijacking my Facebook status and informing the whole cybersphere  that his wife had left him to eat sausage gravy for the third night in a row while she enjoyed bon-bons at a bridal shower.

Dave wasn’t exactly correct. I had Thai chicken and bon-bons.

My cousin Autumn had invited Achsah (another cousin) and I over for dinner after the shower, and taught us how to make Thai chicken and rice. Basically, you sauté chicken, onions, garlic and bell peppers and simmer it all in a sauce of broth, coconut milk, and chili pepper paste. Serve over rice.

I brought the hijacker a container-full, just so you know.

Today we joined friends for spaghetti after church. It was good to have salad. I even forced myself to eat one of those explosive and yucky-tasting cherry tomatoes.

Sunday night supper is traditionally called “Whatever Night.” The meaning is rapidly changing from “whatever you want” to “whatever you can find.”

We have about 1/5 of a gallon of milk left. It keeps company with the two eggs on the top shelf of the fridge, all untouched and worshiped like family idols.

I find that sometimes God gives you His nod of approval on certain decisions. Since the day we began this experiment, the following items have unexpectedly come into our hands (all the food from people that didn’t know what we are doing) :

8 mangos

2 lbs. fresh strawberries

5 lbs. basmati rice

5 lbs. animal crackers

two baby chicks (the day after Martha-the-hen croaked)

a stainless steel glass top stove

three gigantic bags of girls’ name-brand clothes

Oh, and bon-bons.


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